SPLASH! No Expectations (Part 2)


by Trisha Moses

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Today, Captain Glade turned off the engine and let us quietly float down the Colorado River. While we took in the sounds and beauty that are The Grand Canyon, it simply felt like a dream. Some took the time to lay back and rest their eyes. Others gazed around and soaked it all in.  (Above video compliments of Paul Mayhew)


To pass the time, some of the guys are trying to remember the lyrics to Gilligan’s Island. It is refreshing to not be able to ask Google for help. We ask other river runners for guidance, but this seems to challenge most; do you know it? I am hopeful that by the end of this journey we will have it down.


While loading the boat yesterday morning, a few of us bonded over our OCD. I loved that once this pattern was set; the guys continued to hand the ammo cans down the chain line in order. They bring smiles to my face daily. They treat me like one of the guys and I am grateful for that. This group is truly a team.


As we soaked in all the beauty over the last few days, we were reminded that we have not even reached the official Grand Canyon yet. Today was the day that we rounded a corner and saw the point where the Little Colorado River flows into the Colorado River; Kyle was in awe. In all of his years running the river, he has never seen the water run so clean. It is stunning and we get to go play in it!

This experience is going too fast. I wish I could slow it all down.


We eat like royalty!


We jump off cliffs! Occasionally in the nude!


We spot tons of wildlife; especially bighorn sheep!


We play in the clear Havasu Creek, there are great spots for skinny dipping!


We hike through gorgeous canyons to waterfalls!


We raft amazing rapids! Above is my favorite, Lava Falls. (Video compliments of Bernard Lo)


We dress in our finest attire for dinner and have epic runway shows!

I can go on and on about my experience…but I would rather you enjoy it for yourself. I will happily go with you!


When I walked into my hotel room after the tour, ALONE, I had instant separation anxiety. I have not been alone in over a week! Where are my guys? Does someone need help finding a campsite? Do they need a refill on their cocktail? Only a few hours ’til the farewell dinner…….I hope I make it.

At the end of the day your experience will be different than mine. Personally, a void has been filled in my soul that I didn’t realize I had.

I miss my group. I miss our easy, daily life of rafting down something so spectacular that there is a limit to how many people can enjoy it each year.

As far as Gilligan’s Island went…we had some room for improvement. The “little insults” competition was a tie and we should do it again to decide the winner!

To read about our SPLASH! tour Click Here!