Iceland Gay Tour

Why Gay Iceland Vacation Packages? If you’ve talked with anyone who’s visited this country, odds are you’re already intrigued by it. First, Iceland, like its Scandinavian neighbors, is gay-friendly. Second, its unique landscape, combining naturally warm rivers and frosty glaciers, barren moonscapes and steaming geysers, is unlike anything you’ve seen before. And yet Iceland is close — only five hours from the east coast.

From small but cosmopolitan Reykjavik, to the sweeping highlands of Landmannalaugur, Iceland’s fascinating geology and friendly people make it a fascinating, off-the-beaten-track vacation spot.

Vikings and Volcanoes: Gay Iceland Adventure Tour

 2019  August 18 to 25 – Open  A Gay Travel Iceland Adventure Tour Physical challenge: Join this gay tour and witness the extremes of Iceland: friendly Viking descendants; unspoiled lush wilderness; fuming volcanic craters, geysers, and natural hot springs; rainbow-festooned waterfalls; playful puffins; and a rich history including some of folklore’s strangest sagas. $4998 A special […]