How many people are in your average HE Travel group?

How old are most tour members? What is an average group like?

Do I need any special medical or cancellation insurance?

Is it any problem if a straight friend joins me on a trip?

Do I need to speak a foreign language for your overseas trips?

What kind of electrical adapter should I bring?

Will the adventure trips be too strenuous for me?

I'm a vegetarian. Will that be a problem?

Can I talk with someone who's previously traveled with you?

What is bike touring all about?

Can I do my training rides on stationary bike?

Do I need cycling shorts and jerseys? How many?

Will I be the last one to finish every day?

Can I bring my own bike seat and pedals?

I want to bring a gel seat cover for my bike trip. What size is best?

Won't I get tired of just biking?

Will your trips be too hard for me?

How does the van support work for cyclists?

What if it rains?

What's the train schedule from Paris?

What else can and should I see while I'm in France?

How much additional spending money will I need?

Is the food in France as good as they say?

What should I do to avoid an accident?

What are some good stretching exercises for cyclists?

How much water should I drink while cycling?

How high should my seat be?

Aren't those derailleurs just a sales gimmick?

I thought I was in good shape, but I still have trouble on hills. What's the secret?