Gay Grand Teton Adventure Tour

It's like a gay summer camp! Stay in comfortable condos in the Rockies, nestled in gorgeous Grand Teton National Park on this gay multi-sport tour. Enjoy kayaking, horseback riding, rock climbing, rafting, hiking, swimming, and stargazing.

The Grand Teton Adventure will not run in 2014, but may be offered again in the future. Sign up for our newsletter and mailings to be informed when new dates and tours are added to our calendar!

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What if I am traveling alone?

Where does this tour start and end?

Is this vacation right for me?

How do I get to Jackson, and then to the condos?

Where do we stay?

This is called a 7-day trip. Exactly what does that mean?

How's the gay nightlife in Jackson, Wyoming?

Will I need a car while I'm there?

What's the difference between Jackson and Jackson Hole?

Why isn't hiking among the five activities we can pick from?

What about mountain biking?

What are the meals like?

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