South America

Gay Colombia Adventure Tour

Our gay Colombia tour is an opportunity to escape the stresses of modern life. This tour’s activities reflect the rich & diverse natural habitat of this corner of the Andes. Enjoy mountain biking, paragliding, rappeling, caving, and ziplining, and meet the friendly people of Medellin.

February 8 to 15, 2015: A gay Colombia adventure tour


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Gay Easter Island Adventure Tour

The remote location and stark but stunning landscape offer an interesting mix of activities and wondrous natural attractions on this Gay Easter Island adventure tour. Hike and bike around the island from volcanic heights to ocean shores and visit its many Moai statues.

A gay adventure tour of Easter Island:
July 19 to 24, 2014

July 17 to 22, 2015 (Price: $2698)


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Gay Galapagos Wildlife Adventure Tour

Existing in virtual isolation for millions of years, the Galapagos Islands are home to many species found nowhere else on Earth. Join this gay Galapagos tour and experience this abundance and variety of equatorial wildlife closely, as we walk, hike, snorkel, swim and imagine Darwin's dream.

A gay wildlife tour of the Galapagos Islands:
July 12 to 19, 2014

July 1 to 8, 2015 (Price: $4998)


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Gay Patagonia: Bottom of the World

Our small gay tour group will revel in the vastness and natural grandeur of this remote region of gay Chile, with plenty of adventure and outdoor activities. Enjoy hiking, whitewater rafting, kayaking, and horseback riding through the varied terrain of Patagonia, all with a friendly group of gay travelers! Read a personal account about creating this tour on our Gay Travel Blog.

We are working on finalizing the 2015 Patagonia Tour. Sign up for our newsletter and mailings to be informed when new dates and tours are added to our calendar!


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Hiking the Inca Trail: a Gay Machu Picchu Tour

Hike one of the most renowned trails in the entire world on our gay Inca Trail tour. Experience breathtaking views while hiking and camping through a land of enchanting mystery. Above the ancient temples and small villages lies our destination: Machu Picchu, Lost City of the Incas.

A gay hiking tour:
June 28 to July 7, 2014

June 26 to July 6, 2015 (Price: $4298)


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Machu Picchu Luxury Tour: Gay Peru Tour

Stay 2 nights at the Machu Picchu ruins in the renowned Sanctuary Lodge. Contemplate the towering Andean peaks (Incan gods) at sunrise over Machu Picchu, dine at a private hacienda overlooking the Sacred Valley, shop Pisac's colorful market, and be carried away by native music on this gay Machu Picchu & Peru tour. Conclude at the Hotel Monasterio, an amazing former monastery.

A cultural tour for gay travelers:
July 9 to 17, 2014

July 8 to 16, 2015 (Price: $5498)


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