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Great wall of china on the HE Travel gay China cultural tour

Bucket List Destinations

From Antarctica to Machu Picchu to the Pyramids to the Great Wall of China, everyone has a few special places they want to see before they kick the bucket. Here is a list of our most-requested Bucket List destinations.

the masai tribe on the HE Travel gay safari in tanzania africa

Africa and the Middle East

The continent of Africa and the neighboring Middle East host a vast range of cultures and history that goes back millennia, and they are home to some of the most beautiful destinations on earth. The word “safari” symbolizes Africa because the continent is richly endowed with large tracts where wildlife is still able to roam freely in East Africa and South Africa. The deserts and cities of North Africa, Israel and Jordan offer both the ethereal beauty of the desert and the timeless echoes of civilization.

golden statues on the HE Travel gay China cultural tour

Asia and India

Asia is the world’s largest and most populous continent, offering an amazing contrast of ancient traditions surviving in some of the fastest developing places in the world. Walk on the Great Wall one day, then travel over 250 miles per hour on Shanghai’s maglev train the next. In Asia you can admire architecture that has stood the test of time at Angkor Wat or the Taj Mahal, or ride a bike on quiet paths between rice paddies. Your next gay adventure awaits in China, Vietnam, India, and beyond!

Open air murals at the cathedral in toledo on the HE Travel gay Spain cultural tour


A trip to Europe is like stepping back time. Very few places on earth speak to people the way Europe does. From the birthplace of democracy in Athens, to the fabled monuments of Paris, to the simple joy of cycling the back roads of Andalucia, Europe offers splendors for every taste. Just looking at the canals of Venice brings dreams to life. Europe leads the world in fashion, art, music, architecture and design. What a great place for a gay vacation!

a long view of the colorado river and the boat on the HE Travel gay adventure Grand Canyon

North America

North America offers grand cities filled with cultural institutions such as New York City, Montreal and Mexico City; cities surrounded by natural beauty such as Salt Lake City, Vancouver and San Miguel de Allende; and the glamor and nightlife of Las Vegas, Toronto and Cancun. In between the cities are vast open spaces, just waiting to be explored, whether on a bike, by foot, by rappelling rope, or by rafting through the Grand Canyon. The large majority of North Americans trace their ancestry to somewhere else, and it remains one of the most welcoming and gay-friendly regions of the world.

tropical foliage poolside on the HE Travel gay key west adventure tour

Caribbean and Central America

Central America and the Caribbean are big on adventure and diversity. Boasting the best beaches and offshore reefs in the western hemisphere, the region is a scuba diver’s paradise. The colorful mountains and smoky volcanoes inspire awe and wonder in any traveler. The islands of the Caribbean are full of wonder, magic and contradiction, with the residents reflecting Old World traditions from Europe and Africa. And in Central America, you can hike through the dense jungle in search of Mayan pyramids and sleep away the sunny afternoons in a hammock on the beach in this ecological hotspot.

a classic view of Machu Picchu on the HE Travel gay luxury tour

South America

South America is a dream destination with a spirit and enthusiasm like no other. Throughout the continent there is a blend of cultural influences from the Incan and other long-ago civilizations, alongside Spanish, Portuguese and African traditions. From Amazon cruises in Brazil, to Peru’s citadel of Machu Picchu, to the open reaches of Patagonia the possibilities are endless. When strolling the streets of Buenos Aires or Santiago, you can feel the strong connection to these capitals’ European heritage.

beautiful west coast of New Zealand on the HE Travel gay adventure tour


Australia, New Zealand and the nearby Pacific Islands comprise a region whose landscape ranges from rainforest to desert to snow-covered mountains, and where coconuts make fifty-year journeys across the world’s largest ocean. Discover why New Zealand is considered the birthplace of adventure, and why Australia is as vast as your imagination. Visit the Sydney Opera House, ride a bike or kayak through the forests of Tasmania, or just order a beer and hang out with the locals. From dramatic landscapes to fine wine and dining and diverse activities, Oceania makes the perfect getaway.