Gay Travel Books by Hanns Ebensten

Journey along with Hanns on his hilarious – and insightful – romps throughout the world.

The Seals on the Icepack

and More Gay Travel Adventures

The Seals on the Icepack

The veteran world traveler who practically invented the gay travel industry and whose first book of travel tales received overwhelming praise, now gives you another picturesque romp through some of the world’s most exotic and barely discovered destinations, from a South African farm to permissive Tangier to Papua New Guinea before tourists arrived there; from Marlon Brando’s private island near Tahiti to the frozen Gulf of St. Lawrence in Canada; from hedonist Mykonos to the Edinburgh Festival to a remote village in Mexico; to Venice, along the Amazon and the Nile and aboard the famed Orient Express, meeting outrageous (and some famous) characters along the way and sharing his astonishing (and occasionally erotic) adventures with the reader.

ISBN: 1-57087-473-5, Hardcover: 382 pages, $25.00

Trespassers on Easter Island

Explorers, Whalers, Salvers, Adventurers, Missionaries, Scientists and Tourists, from 1722 to the present time.

Tresspassers on Easter Island

Praise from the distinguised author and world traveler, Jan Morris:
“Hanns Ebensten’s new book is more than just sparkling entertainment.  It is a wide-ranging account of one of the world’s loneliest inhabited places, Easter Island in the Pacific – part evocation, part scholarly narrative. Ebensten first went to the island more than 70 years ago, and has been back there annually since 1967. He describes it out of his own long experience and also introduces us to its ever-surprising inhabitants and to the succession of foreigners who have for nearly three centuries explored, excavated, exploited, and filmed it, and admired its huge stone figures and its handsome men. It is a unique literary distillation of a marvelous place.”

ISBN: 0-9641735-1-4, Hardcover: 157 pages, $25.00

Volleyball With The Cuna Indians

and More Gay Travel Adventures

The Seals on the Icepack

“Hanns Ebensten, a pioneer in the field of gay group travel, has hiked across deserts, hacked his way through jungles, and climbed mountains for nearly seventy years in the quest of the ultimate adventure. Traversing the globe from Easter Island to Turkey, from Vilcabamba to the Grand Canyon, Ebensten’s numerous adventures include nightclubbing with Marlene Dietrich in Gay Paree, lolling in thatched huts with the primitive Cuna Indians on the San Blas Islands, off the coast of Panama, and dressing up with star Casey Donovan in the robes of the last empress of China in Beijing’s Summer Palace. This enchanting, exotic, hilarious collection of true stories from his lifetime one-of-a-kind trips is delightful armchair travel, as well as a fascinating autobiography of a gay trailblazer. “Hanns Ebensten has visited places Somerset Maugham never dreamed of, been in situations that would have made Oscar Wilde and Noel Coward blanch, and his adventures would cause T. E. Lawrence to tingle with anticipation…a classic for all gay travelers.” -Our World

ISBN: 0-14-017879-1, Softcover: 335 pages, $15.00

Home & Abroad

Tales of South Africa, Ischia, A Mediteranean Cruise, Jerusalem, New York, Manaus, and Key West

Home and Abroad

Veteran world traveler Hanns Ebensten’s Home and Abroad vivdly recounts adventures covering more than sixty years, beginning when he was an innocent and effeminate teen-ager in South Africa and his well-intentioned but naive father urged a handsome, athletic rascal to take him on camping and mountaineering trips in order to “make a man of my son”-with the result that Hanns lost his innocence in the enigmatic ruins of Great Zimbabwe, at the time believed to have been the residence of the biblical Queen of Sheba. Follow Hanns’ past through this magical work of literature as he continues on his global search for his next homebase.

ISBN: 0-57087-647-9, Hardcover: 288 pages, $25.00

The Quest for Dibbish

And other tales of people and places

The Seals on the Icepack

The title story describes Hanns Ebensten’s long quest to trace the progress of Dibbish, a lovely young servant of Egypt’s reclusive last British Pasha who occupied a house of great historical significance in Cairo, which is now a museum.

ISBN: 1-57087-601-0, Hardcover: 237 pages, $25.00

Egypt in my Blood

Journeys in an acquired country

Egypt in my Blood

ISBN: 1-57087-686-X, Hardcover: 261 pages, $30.00

In his last and final published work, Hanns Ebensten recalls his travel adventures in Egypt since 1929 when he first visited it with his parents and his love affair with this glorious country began. During the following 75 years he returned forty times and now completely feels at home there: Egypt is indeed in his blood.

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