Provencal: Gay France Bike Tour

Visit castles, chapels, cafes, museums, meadows, vineyards, and a wildlife preserve on this gay France bike tour. Stroll among the remains of a feudal fortress and a crumbled theater. Picnic at a Roman aqueduct. Bicycle through the magical forests and golden stone villages of Luberon.

August 30 to September 6, 2014: A gay France bike tour




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Optional Post-Tour Travel Combination: Alpenglow Swiss Hiking Tour

What if I am traveling alone?

Is this vacation right for me?

Where and when does this tour start and end?

How do I get to Avignon?

What books would be good reading before a trip in Provence?

What kind of bikes do you use?

I want to bring a gel seat cover for my bike trip. What size is best?

How does the van support work for cyclists?

What's the weather like in Provence?

Just how hard is the bicycling in Provencal?

Do I need to speak French?

I like to bike but my partner isn't into it as much. Is this a good trip for us?

This is called a 7-day trip. Exactly what does that mean?

I'm visiting Paris after the trip. Can you recommend a hotel there?

Is a stationary bike a good way to get in shape?