Octopus's Garden: Gay Saba Dive Tour

Join this gay scuba dive tour and dive into the tropical Caribbean waters of a gay-friendly island paradise! Discover a colorful world beneath the waves. Far from the usual vacation spots, the Dutch island of Saba is known to scuba divers worldwide for its spectacular underwater landscapes.

January 31 to February 7, 2015: A gay scuba diving adventure




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What if I am traveling alone?

Where does this tour start and end?

Is this vacation right for me?

Where is Saba? How do I get to it?

What can I expect to see underwater around Saba?

What's this Saba Marine Park?

What's the weather like in this part of the Carribbean?

How much additional cash should I budget for this trip?

Is a wetsuit necessary?

Is a dive computer necessary?

Is nitrox available?

What is nitrox?

I've dived, but not a lot. I'm a little nervous about it. Any advice?

What options are available for non-certified divers?

I like to snorkel, but I'm not sure I want to dive. Is this a good trip for me?

Is it true that we shouldn't climb Mt. Scenery after diving? It doesn't seem like it's that high.

This is called a 7-day trip. Exactly what does that mean?

Can I talk to someone who's been on this trip?