Gay Vacation Testimonials

What past guests have said about their adventures!


There is no better reference than gay vacation testimonials from people who have actually taken trips.

Here are comments from past travelers about their HE Travel gay vacation. Many have given us permission to provide their phone number to others who might like to travel with us. Please contact us to talk directly with a few past guests about their recent experiences.

Without a doubt, one of the best vacations I’ve ever taken. I was a bit nervous to take a”packaged tour” with a group of strangers no less — but this evaporated 15 minutes into the trip. The camaraderie was great.”
—Kevin Walsh, Atlanta, Ga., on Wild Kiwi

“I would do it again, in a heartbeat!”
—M. N., New Orleans, La., on Tortuguero Expedition

“I was very much looking forward to the trip, however, it far exceeded my expectations. I’ve traveled a lot but this was one of my best vacations ever!”
—James Williamson, San Francisco, Calif., on The Mistral

“An intimate discovery of an intimate part of France. My best vacation ever!”
—James West, Dallas, Tex., on The Mistral

“What a trip!!! It is truly one of the most beautiful spots on earth.”
—Chris Baena, Atlanta, Ga., on Wild Kiwi

“I said that our previous trip with HE Travel was the best vacation we’ve ever had. I lied. This one was.”
—Eric Britten, Anchorage, Alaska, on Wild Kiwi

“Best overall vacation I’ve ever had. I liked having most days planned with fun activities. I enjoyed my group and loved the guide Greg!”
—Lou Lamphere, West Newton, Mass., on Grand Teton Adventure

“Best vacation I’ve ever had. I completely forgot about work and recent ex-boyfriends. The bicycle is the perfect vehicle for getting to know this beautiful countryside, filled with vineyards and charming unspoiled ancient villages.”
—Tom Chatt, Redondo Beach, Calif., on The Mistral

“Wild Kiwi was amazing, beautiful country and adventurous activities. Two of the best weeks of any vacation I have ever been on.”
—Scott Bulfin, Tampa, Fla., on Wild Kiwi

“The best vacation I’ve ever had. The combination of Physical activity, wonderful sights & the company made this a trip that I’m looking forward to repeat in the near future.”
—Jose Sampedro, Bay Harbor Island, Fla., on The Provencal

“Without question, the best vacation I’ve ever been on.”
—Daniel Buker, Carlsbad, Calif., on The Mistral

“It was the single most perfect vacation I’ve ever had!”
—Steve Murphy, Alexandria, Va., on Tuscan Trails

“If there’s such a thing as a perfect adventure vacation, I just had it! Bravo HE Travel!”
—Russ Walter, San Francisco, Calif., on Vikings & Volcanoes

“The BEST vacation I’ve ever taken!”
—James Barrett, Chicago, Ill., on Big Loire, Little Loir

“I have been on a number of dive vacations and this one was, by far, the best one yet! Great diving, wonderful boat and crew, and a fantastic group of guys.”
—Jonathan Bregman, Durham, N.C., on Deep Blue

“This trip ranks as the best guided tour I have taken. This is saying a lot since Iceland was my 42nd Country and I travel several times a year for the last 20 years!”
—B. S., , on Vikings & Volcanoes

“Not having taken a tour/adventure trip of this type before, I didn’t quite know what to expect. It turned out to be the best vacation I have taken.”
—Walter Pulkkinen, Minot, Me., on Big Loire, Little Loir

“Great biking in a beautiful part of the world with a great group. Thanks for the best vacation I’ve ever taken.”
—Jason Walthall, San Francisco, Calif., on The Provencal

“Looking back on those two weeks in New Zealand, I am completely amazed (as are my friends) at the incredible variety of activities we packed in this adventure.”
—Kip A. Cranna Jr., San Francisco, Calif., on Wild Kiwi

“This rates as a top vacation. The location, activities, value and being able to be ourselves. Plus having a wonderful tour director, Greg Barbutti has us already planning our next HE Travel Adventure!”
—P. C., West Newton, Mass., on Grand Teton Adventure

“Thanks for the best week of my life. I can not wait to do it again.”
—Steve Cooper, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., on Grindelwald

“Rarely does a tour exceed your expectations. This did! My first, but not my last!”
—R. F., Woodbury, Conn., on Wild Kiwi

“The trip with HE Travel exceeded my greatest expectations. We had a blast together exploring the county and doing all the well planned activities. Exceptional tour!”
—Brad Dalton, Houston, Tex., on Wild Kiwi

“This was my second HE Travel Adventure – and a second ‘once in a lifetime’ experience. Everything was amazing!”
—Blaze Gusic, Philadelphia, Penn., on Wild Kiwi

“The scenery and camaraderie combined to make a truly great vacation! I’m already looking forward to my next trip with HE Travel.”
—Chuck Hampton, Ann Arbor, Mich., on Grindelwald

“It was a surreal experience, the new and thrilling activity among other gay people in a truly accepting community, it was as life should be!”
—N. O., Appleton, Wisc., on Grand Teton Adventure

“Being with gay “friends” in such an awesome environment was an amazing experience!”
—R. K., New York, N.Y., on Vikings & Volcanoes

“My partner and I agree, this was the best vacation we have ever had together.”
—A.Y., Summit, N.J., on The Provencal

“Exceeded all my expectations! My best vacation ever!”
—Darrell Mazura, Chicago, Ill., on The Provencal

“This trip was everything I hoped for and more! Good people, gorgeous scenery, and very enjoyable activities made it a terrific week! There was a perfect balance of activities and time off. I can’t wait for my next HE Travel trip!”
—Mitchell Sendrowitz, New York, N.Y., on Grand Teton Adventure

“Far and away the best vacation I’ve ever had. Well planned with just the right balance of sightseeing, physical activity, great food, and most of all, fun people.”
—Susan Eaton, San Diego, Calif., on The Provencal

“Another fantastic dive trip with HE Travel! Just when you think they can’t get better – they do!”
—Mike Roberts, Fayetteville, Ark., on Deep Blue

“Every Tour guide for all the activities gave so much of themselves – – and shared many wonderful insights /details in Costa Rica – – Very enjoyable!”
—Randee Hilton, Alexandria, Va., on Tortuguero Expedition

“I’ve done more than 200 dives in various places in the Caribbean and Saba, by far, is the cleanest and the best. It truly is The Unspoiled Queen.”
—G.O., Howard, Fla., on An Octopus’s Garden

“It couldn’t have been a better way to spend our 20th Anniversary. Wonderful people in an amazing country.”
—Rod Massey, Studio City, Calif., on Splendors of Southeast Asia

“An absolutely perfect vacation. Proud to be known as an HE Travel biker babe.”
—Carol Bohumolski, Columbus, Ohio, on The Provencal

“Great way to get away from it all. The keys move at a different pace. Great weather, great snorkleling, great kayaking and great companions.”
—E.B., Portland, Ore., on Gay Key West & The Florida Keys Adventure

“HE Travel, consistently delivers high quality vacations at affordable prices & attracts the kind of travelers I want to vacation with.”
—Allan Oster, New Hope, Penn., on Tortuguero Expedition

“I always trust my vacations to Sasha. The combination of bicycling and seeing an incredibly beautiful area with the best touring company around is unbeatable.”
—Martin Harris, Scottsdale, Ariz., on The Provencal

“The perfect combination of adventure, sightseeing, group activity, and time on your own.”
—Gene Bunge, Wilmington, Del., on Wild Kiwi

“The Mistral trip was a perfect blend of cycling, seeing many places of interest and getting to know a great group of guys. The food, wine and bread were outstanding, too!”
—Jonathan Bregman, Durham, N.C., on The Mistral

“Tuscan Trails is a great introduction to all that Tuscany has to offer; great art & architecture, superb food & wine,and beautiful landscapes. I want to go back to explore some more of this interesting region.”
—Rick Bourre, Boston, Mass., on Tuscan Trails

“This was a trip of a lifetime! I would recommend HE Travel to anyone.”
—B. H., Loveland,, Col., on Tuscan Trails

“I can’t think of a better way to view the wonderful countryside of Provence, then by bicycle,especially with our experienced guides.”
—Philip Bialer, New York, N.Y., on The Provencal

“A wonderful trip – from mountains to the sea, rappelling into mountain streams and swimming with sea turtles. An excellent way to see New Zealand with friends.”
—Evan Boone, Portland, Ore., on Wild Kiwi

“Easily the best vacation I’ve ever had.”
—Jon Godfrey, New York, N.Y., on The Provencal

“It was the best trip any of us had ever taken.”
—Bill Buyok, Los Angeles, Calif., on The Mistral

“The best vacation I’ve taken.”
—David MacGregor, Basking Ridge, N.J., on The Provencal