Help Me Choose a Gay Vacation

So Many Trips, So Little Vacation Time!


If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the range of gay vacations we offer, here is what we encourage you to start with.

HE Travel offers over 40 different gay trips every year. Sometimes it’s hard enough for us to keep track of them all, so we sympathize with first-time visitors to this site who feel overwhelmed by the choices.

Every gay vacation on our list is there for a reason. They’re all great trips: If we didn’t think one was good, we have plenty of others we could offer in its place. If you have a particular destination or activity or travel date in mind, you can go right from our home page to see what your choices are. If none of our trips meet your needs, consider having us set up custom travel for you.

But if you simply want a memorable vacation, and have no special constraints, we encourage you to consider our Bucket List Destinations page. Whether you’ve dreamed of seeing the Pyramids, or walking through the Sun Gate at Dawn into Machu Picchu, or visiting any other number of amazing world wonders, our Bucket List tours promise to amaze and inspire you.

Take a look at our top menu bar on each page. You can search for tours by destination, type of activity, designation, dates or even pick by names. We;ve provided as many options as we can think of to help you find your dream vacation. If all else fails, give us a call or send us an email, and our team of adventure specialists can even walk you through the process!

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