Oh Look, a Kangaroo! Welcome to Gay Mardi Gras (Part 2)


By Trisha Moses

This is the second in a series. Click here to read Part 1

First up, surfing!


Before we head out for Gay Mardi Gras this evening, we hit the famous Bondi Beach for some sun and surfing. The beach was full of eye candy, including our surf instructors Ash and Marty. Best instructors I’ve had during my limited surfing experiences. The waves are perfect for beginners and experienced surfers. After an invigorating afternoon, it was time to freshen up for some Gay Mardi Gras fun!

Gay Mardi Gras


Having only been to a handful of Gay Mardi Gras parades, I don’t have much to compare this one too but it was amazing from start to finish. If all Gay Mardi Gras parades are this much fun, sign me up for all of them. The energy flowing through the streets of Sydney is over the top as everyone is embracing the event. Not wanting the night to end, we make our way to the afterparty to dance the night away.


Sydney Opera House


If only I had time to see a performance here; that would be the icing on the cake. I suppose it’s a reason to return. The Sydney Opera House is truly an amazing piece of art. Did you know that the Danish designer himself, Jørn Utzon, never saw his finished masterpiece?

Sydney Walking Tour



As we enjoy our walking tour around Chippendale, we make our way through Spice Alley. Every wall is filled with art immersion. I personally struggle to draw a stick figure, so I’m amazed at all the beautiful pieces that we walk past throughout the day.


No words are needed for this building. They should all look like this one. Once located in a derelict part of town, the area is now full of life and greenery.

Blue Mountains


Today we snuck out of Sydney and made our way to the Blue Mountains. So lush, green and inviting. These deep valley troughs were gouged out millions of years ago. I’m a sucker for the outdoors and quiet! It is a gorgeous day with breathtaking views in every direction.

Featherdale Wildlife Park


There’s always time for an interactive zoo full of adorable animals. I love penguins more and more as our paths continue to cross. Snorkeling in the Galapagos Islands with penguins darting by is still one of my favorite experiences.

Imperial Hotel


The famous Imperial Hotel served an amazing lunch in their restaurant: Priscillas! Followed by a private tour lead by an extremely tall drag queen with the best tattoos and glittery mustache ever!

Bridge climb


What a way to end a journey. Heights are not my best friend, but I did it! The views were incredible, even as the wind picked up and things became more intense. AHHHH! What a way to end this great adventure? We climbed and climbed and heard stories of the bridge. Personally, I think some of the stories could have waited till we were making our way down, instead of up.

Australia, yes!

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