Poems from the Colorado River

david kelly stands in front of a beautiful waterfall on the splash grand canyon gay rafting adventure tour

One of our July 2017 Splash! Grand Canyon Rafting launches inspired HE traveler, David Kelly, to do a little writing. We can’t blame him, the Grand Canyon is one of the most beautiful natural attractions the United States has to offer. It’s even more beautiful from the bottom, but you have to see it to really believe it.

Join us on one of our many Splash! launches and in the meantime, enjoy the poems below and start dreaming of a once-in-a-lifetime vacation under the sun and stars.


Way before my time or yours
When men considered using oars
And boats were made of lighter stuff…

Explorers tussled with the river
Boulders, waves were unforgivers
And lives were lost with rapids rough.

From decades, we’re granted eight days
To conquer this path, and along the way
Discovered the beauty of the canyon called “Grand.”

Granted, the technology improved, it’s true.
But we relied so heavily upon our crew.
Glade and Kyle, we’re grateful for your steady hands!

Glade and Kyle

Chefs, guides, sailors, weathermen;
Storytellers, handlers, entertaining men;
Hikers, waders, musicians, sanitation men;
But we don’t know how the hell they can!

David Kelly
July, 2017

*Photo credit, Clayton Koppes.