Activity Level 2

Gay Italy History Tour

Sign Up to receive the latest details! How about a cultural tour of Italy’s Amalfi Coast? Physical Challenge: From the splendor of ancient Rome to the glory of the Renaissance…Italy is the historic and artistic treasure house of Western civilization. What makes it even more fascinating is how influential gay Italians were in creating all that we know […]

statues lounging on the medici chapel in florence italy

Gay Key West House Party

Physical Challenge: You’re invited to sunny Key West for a Party! This Gay Key West house party will have all the frills: live entertainment, VIP hosted bar and scrumptious hors d’oeuvres at one of Key West hot spots! We’ve created a special package for guests who want to see more of Key West! See the […]

2017 key west house party theme full moon masquerade

Bhutan Overland: A Gay Travel Cultural Tour

Sign Up to receive the latest details!  We are currently working on a new Bhutan Cultural Tour. In the meantime, you may enjoy visiting India. Physical Challenge: Our cultural tour takes a leisurely trip through the remote Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan. Since emerging from its self-imposed isolation and opening its doors in 1974, Bhutan has mesmerized […]

Octopus’s Garden: Gay Scuba Diving in Saba

Physical Challenge: Join this gay scuba diving tour and plunge into the tropical Caribbean waters of a gay-friendly island paradise! Discover a colorful world beneath the waves. Far from the usual vacation spots, the Dutch island of Saba is known to scuba divers worldwide for its spectacular underwater landscapes. Read more about Saba on our […]

Tent Reef on HE Travel gay scuba diving adventure in Saba