Gay Pride Festival


All of these tours coincide with the PRIDE celebrations in their destination!

Join us to celebrate our community across the the globe!

Gay Australia: Dreamtime

Physical Challenge: What is the mystery surrounding the Great Land called “OZ?” And no, it’s not the ruby slippers… Explore Gay “Down Under”, with activities ranging from visiting the Sydney Opera House to discussions with an Aboriginal family. From scenic flights and camel rides in the Outback to a day cruise and snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef, and a […]

Group photo on camels during HE Travel's Gay Australian Dream time Tour

Gay Salt Lake City Bike Tour

Physical Challenge: Our gay biking & adventure tour of Salt Lake City provides days of adventure. Ride along the Jordan River Parkway Trail, & up several canyons. Learn local Mormon folklore. Soak in hot springs, ride the Alpine Slide & tour historic Park City. End the days among SLC’s vibrant gay nightlife.  $TBA Date this […]

Gay Travel Israel Pride and Heritage Cultural Tour

Physical Challenge: Explore the complexities, beauty, and challenges of ancient and modern life on this gay Israel cultural tour. We will uncover the archaeological beginnings of three great religions, introduce you to a thriving LGBT community, and expose you to the social labyrinths of modern Israel. Consider an optional extension afterward to visit Petra and […]

A view of Haifa from above featuring the ocean in the distance

Vikings and Volcanoes: Gay Iceland Adventure Tour

Physical challenge: Join this gay tour and witness the extremes of Iceland: friendly Viking descendants; unspoiled lush wilderness; fuming volcanic craters, geysers, and natural hot springs; rainbow-festooned waterfalls; playful puffins; and a rich history including some of folklore’s strangest sagas. $TBA A special thanks to Ernest Monceaux for sharing beautiful photos from his 2017 vacation. Date […]


The Final Cuba Voyage with Radio Station KPFK’s Cary Harrison

Sign Up to receive the latest details! In the meantime, check out our Cuba cycling trip! Physical Challenge: All Cuba tours have been modified to comply with all current regulations. Radio station KPFK’s Cary Harrison invites you to experience this final Cuba voyage before new restrictions go into effect. This one-time cruise to all 3 […]

cary harrison of public radio kpfk poses infront of a fiden sign in cuba