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Road to Rioja Gay Spain Bike Tour

Sign Up to receive the latest details! You might enjoy a biking tour in Provencel Physical Challenge: Cycle through beautiful countryside and villages, along quiet back roads and Via Verde rail trails on this gay Spain bike tour. Discover the rich history and culture of northern Spain. Spend relaxed evenings in lovely paradors and inns enjoying traditional […]

wines of rioja on the HE Travel gay bike tour in Spain

Montana Ranch Adventure

In the meantime, check out our Gay Dude Ranch Adventure in Colorado! Physical Challenge: Grab your gay cowboy hat and boots and head to Montana for an activity-filled week on the Lazy E-L Ranch. Daily horseback rides are followed by exciting whitewater rafting and beautiful hikes, with time to relax and breathe under a big […]

handsome men on horseback on the ranch on HE Travel gay montana adventure

Octopus’s Garden: Gay Scuba Diving in Saba

Physical Challenge: Join this gay scuba diving tour and plunge into the tropical Caribbean waters of a gay-friendly island paradise! Discover a colorful world beneath the waves. Far from the usual vacation spots, the Dutch island of Saba is known to scuba divers worldwide for its spectacular underwater landscapes. Read more about Saba on our […]

Tent Reef on HE Travel gay scuba diving adventure in Saba

European Riverboat Bike Tour

Physical Challenge: Our journey together starts in Metz, one of the last Roman cities to fall to Atilla the Hun and ancestral home of the Merovingian Dynasty. Metz has great centuries-old architecture and a Gothic cathedral that took 300 years to build. We will meet up in the afternoon, and our welcome aboard reception kicks off […]