Five HE Travel Tours With a Rafting Adventure

Picture of a gay tour group on an He Travel Rafting Adventure through the Grand Canyon

Rafting Adventures

Are you itching to get on the water?  Whether it’s a slow moving river that fills you with a sense of calm or a rough whitewater river that fulfills the adventurer in you, HE Travel has you covered.  We have many tours that include rafting with some of the coolest people you’ll ever meet.  Today we want to include some of our favorite tours that feature a rafting adventure.

The Grand Canyon Rafting Expedition

Who doesn’t have The Grand Canyon on their bucket list?  This motorized rafting adventure takes 14 people down 280 miles of the Colorado River. You’ll experience both calm and whitewater rapids along the way.  Park officials only let a certain number of people down the canyon per year, so this adventure is never crowded.  You’ll spend your nights under a beautiful canopy of stars and wake up to delicious breakfasts to fuel your adventure.

A gay group approaching some whitewater rapids on the splash grand canyon expedition down the Colorado river rafting adventure

View Our Grand Canyon Rafting Expedition

Middle Fork of the Salmon River Rafting Adventure

This rafting adventure gives you a choice of mighty water steed. You can choose from a kayak, oar raft, or you can hang out on the gear raft with the guides. On your way through the 90 miles of exhilarating whitewater, you’ll get plenty of chances to hike the area. You’ll visit Native American ruins, sandy beaches, cascading waterfalls and crystal clear waters to swim in. And of course, it wouldn’t be a HE Travel tour without some delicious locally sourced foods!

a view of the middle for of the salmon river featured on He Travel Gay Rafting Adventure

View Our Middle Fork of the Salmon River Rafting Adventure

Colombia Adventure Tour

For those of you who want a rafting adventure, but want an even more varied adventure tour, we’ve created the Colombia Adventure Tour. On this tour, you’ll be zip-lining, biking, rock climbing and even paragliding! On one day, the group gets to choose between a cave excursion, river rafting, or a canopy zip-line. This rafting trip isn’t a rough whitewater trip, but more of a nice calm trip through the gorgeous “Rio Claro” river. To make things even better, this river is a nice warm temperature, perfect for a relaxing dip.

rafting adventure near a cool cave in columbia on an He Travel gay tour

View Our Colombia Adventure Tour

India Adventure Tour: The Road Less Traveled

Who doesn’t want to see the Taj Mahal, ride an elephant and have a rafting adventure and more, packed into a fun packed 10-day trip? Since Rishikesh is the yoga capital of the world, we start the day off with some refreshing yoga and tasty breakfast. Then we are off to our rafting expedition that takes you down a light river rapid near the city.

a wild rafting adventure in india for a fun group of He Travel adventurers

View Our India Adventure Tour: The Road Less Traveled

Colorado Dude Ranch

Our Colorado Dude Ranch tour will awaken the cowboy in you.  You’ll have the opportunity to fly-fish, wander forests and grasslands, and dine like royalty. We take a rafting adventure down three stretches of the Colorado River, with incredibly fun class 3 rapids. There is even a special 8-course meal with wine tasting prepared by Chef Jordan Asher.

He Travel's Zach and Trisha on a rafting adventure on the colorado river for the gay dude ranch tour

View Our Colorado Dude Ranch Tour


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