Jacob Alexander’s Guide to The Perfect Date Night

jacob alexanders guide to a perfect date night with sushi

Jacob Alexander: Man About Town

I hope everyone has been enjoying their time here in The Keys, I know I have been! Between going to the beach before work, watching the chickens cross the road, and not having any tan lines, it’s hard to remember living anywhere else at this point.

I’ve been in Key West for eight months now, and I still appreciate every day how unique and beautiful this island is, and how lucky I am to live here. So whether you’re visiting, here for work, or have lived on the island longer than you can remember, just know that no; your mind isn’t fooling you, this really IS paradise.

So let’s say that, while you’re here, you want to have a romantic evening with your husband, boyfriend, “roommate”, or that guy you met on Grindr last night and you want to know just how to do that. Well the best place to start in this town is with the sunset. For most people, this means a trip down to Mallory Square, at the Western end of Duval Street. And while the sunset is absolutely stunning here, you have to view it just over the heads of about a thousand people, and it can be a pretty distracting event.

Instead, rent some bikes and go to Ft. Zachary Taylor Beach (Ft. Zach, as we call it). Head south on Southard street past Duval, and follow the signs to the beach. Here, you can sit out on a rocky jetty and be surrounded by water on 3 sides, curl up with your partner, and whisper to each other all the naughty things you want while the sun sets behind sail boats in the distance.

Next, take him (or them) to Ambrosia for the best sushi dinner. Ambrosia is a bit further away than another favorite, Origami, but it’s well worth the hike. Set near the beach in the gorgeous Santa Maria Suites Resort, the interior is one of the more unique designs in Key West, and is very sleek and modern (I definitely feel like a fancy drunk when I eat here). Their sake list is excellent, but what got me were the martinis. After about three of the lychee martinis, I was feeling pretty romantic too!

After dinner, take your boo to Better Than Sex for dessert. The atmosphere here is fine-tuned for romance and getting people in the mood to boom boom. The lights are dim, the air is chilly, and the tables are semi-private, so you know you’re going to enjoy your…dessert. The menu changes quite often, but what stood out for me last time was the Tongue Bath Truffle (for obvious reasons).

So there you go. You’re welcome. I just gave you your romantic night in Key West. If any engagement rings result from this advice, I expect an invite to the wedding!

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