Splash! Gay Grand Canyon Rafting

Marvel at the breathtaking grandeur and vistas of the Grand Canyon, ride thrilling whitewater roller coasters, hike remote canyons to cascading waterfalls, and take time for self-reflection in profound quiet, while the Colorado River whispers you to sleep each night. Read a personal account of this trip on our Gay Travel Blog.

A rafting tour for gay travelers

May 14 to 23, 2014 (this date is for gay men only)
July 2 to 11, 2014
August 13 to 22, 2014
August 27 to September 5, 2014 (this date is for gay men only)

Planning ahead? We already have our 2015 Grand Canyon tours lined up: May 13-22, July 1-10, August 12-21, and August 26-September 4 (The price for 2015 trip is $3398)




Included / Not Included


What if I am traveling alone?

Where does this tour start and end?

Is this vacation right for me?

Will I get tired of being in the raft all the time?

How hard is this trip?

I don't know how to swim. Is that a problem?

Will our captain and swamper (first mate) also be gay?

Is the fishing good?

Will I be able to communicate with the outside world, or leave mid-trip?

Must I make a strenuous hike to get out of the canyon at the end?

What about seasickness?

Will I have to paddle all the time?

Is this risky?

Is one time of year better than another, in terms of water levels?

What temperatures should I expect in the Grand Canyon?

What do I need to bring?

Where do we sleep?

What are the meals like? Can you provide for special dietary needs?

Am I expected to tip the guides?

Do I have time for a Las Vegas show on our first evening?

Additional Questions